Transformation of a bowling into a residence


Project: Transformation of a bowling into 6 residences located at the 2 boulevard Robert Schumann in THIONVILLE (F-57100)
Project code: JH5006-bowling
Architect: Atelier SEMECAS /Jean-Luc HOULNÉ
Customer:  Jean-Luc HOULNÉ
Mission: Complete graphic assistance

Type of project: Collective residences
Order date: 12/2005
Mission date: 01/2006
Categories: ArchitectsAtelier SEMECASDesigners & DecoratorsJean-Luc HOULNÉ
Building owner: René PAUL & Fils SARL

Mission description


Building permit for a bowling transformation into 6 residences. Mission covering every graphic production phases.

  • Summary preliminary draft (SPD)
  • Detailed preliminary draft (DPD),
  • Building Permit
  • Execution plans
  • Detailed plans
  • Synthesis images integrated in the site